Renewable energy and energy efficiency increase our nation’s independence and stability.  A report from the Department of Energy shows that we import over 50% of the oil we use.  This percentage is the highest in the history of the United States, and is increasing as we consume our finite domestic resources.  The Middle East has 65% to 75% of the world’s oil reserves.  Should we be concerned about such a great dependence on foreign powers?  Our national security is directly affected by our habits and policies related to energy consumption.  

Regions of the United States offer clean, never-ending power and fuel supplies in various forms.  Certain areas are abundant with wind, geothermal, solar, and biomass – all renewable resources.  Advancements in technologies have brought system costs down in recent years, allowing them to compete with conventional energy sources.  This is promising because our country is so rich in renewable energy resources.  Yes, the future for renewables is now! 

  Currently, there are fears that the total number of jobs will decrease if we shift away from using conventional energy.  The truth is, engineers, technicians, educators, salespeople, custodians, lawyers and many others are already working in fields that improve renewable energy applications.  Advancements in technologies create the need for new skill development, creating new jobs!

  Renewables are commonly referred to as “clean” energy sources because they are environmentally friendly.  They don’t pollute our land, air, or water like conventional sources do.  Today, coal-fired power plants produce the largest amount of electricity in the United States (54%).  The smoke from coal-fired power plants contains mercury, Sulfur dioxide, and other harmful emissions that can cause brain damage, birth defects and other ailments.  Your three-armed child might be able to take better care of you in your old age, but how will he or she put on a shirt?  

Moonwalk for Earth knows your child agrees with us, the third hole in your shirt’s for your head – time to think with it and join the cosmic dance toward renewable energy… this is no time for complacency! 

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